"The Cry of the Children" (1843) by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

This is the first omnibus scholarly edition of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's (then Elizabeth Barrett Barrett) protest poem "The Cry of the Children" (1843), as it was published in Blackwood's Magazine.  The editors and annotators have built on sustained scholarly engagement about the poem, its contexts, and its relationship with laboring-class poetry of the time.  This was initiated by their cooperation for "Rhyme and Reform: Victorian Working-Class Poets and Elizabeth Barrett Browning's 'Cry of the Children.'"  This two-day, international, multi-site symposium (Oct.


A Mystery in Scarlet: Family Tree (SPOILER ALERT!)

SPOILER ALERT:  Readers wishing to avoid "spoilers" should not consult this document before reading A Mystery in Scarlet, chapter XXIX (London Miscellany no. 10).

This family tree illustrates the relationships between the major historical and fictional characters that appear in A Mystery in Scarlet. It also reveals the dynastic ties that link these characters to other Stuart and Hanover historical figures, informing the usurpation plot.


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